Project Description

Project Location:   South West London
Project GDV: Around £5,800,000
Mezzanine Developer Funding Facility:   £650,000
Funding Security: Second charge with an agreed Deed of Priority
Facility Period:   18 months

Project Summary

With this project, Calmez is supporting one of our most experienced developer clients whom is creating an 8 unit new build apartment development of around 6,800sqft with an anticipated GDV of around £5,800,000.  Whilst the project is straight forward the developer will have some challenges with construction of a basement level that will require sheet piling.

Calmez have provided this experienced property developer with mezzanine funding of £650,000 over an 18 month term and secured with a second charge together with a deed of priority with the senior funder.

CALMEZ offers developer loans and developer funding in the form of mezzanine funding to property developers and builders with proven track records and whom meet the lending requirements of both our prime lender as well as our own. For more information then please contact us here or by calling 0207 096 1900.

8 unit new build apartment development