Introducer Referrals for Developer Funding

If you are a senior lender, broker, estate agent, accountant or other professional then we will be pleased to receive introducer referrals for development funding from you.

Calmez have been working with a wide range of introducer referrals for development funding for over 12 years and have, in that time, built strong working relationships that have generated excellent repeat business.

Why Bring your Introducer Referrals to Calmez?

  • When you provide introducer referrals for development funding each opportunity will be viewed on its merits and with the aim of trying to find the best property funding solution
  • You will typically receive a quick indication of our appetite for the opportunity and likely indicative terms
  • You can read more about our product ranges here together with our usual lending criteria for development funding
  • Calmez are a lender that understands the requirements of developers and that we do not live in a perfect world; consequently we will approach all introducer referrals with an open mind
  • Your client will get to meet us at an early opportunity so that we fully understand their project and our due diligence process will be carefully managed to ensure
  • Please note that you will be required to declare that you have the permission of the proposed borrower to access their information and supply it to us
Introducer referrals for property funding

Rewarding Introducer Referrals for Development Funding

Naturally, we will provide you with a competitive fee for successful introducer referrals for development funding and will do so in a transparent way that is clear to all parties involved from the outset. You and your client will have a first point of contact within Calmez who can keep you advised on the progress of a lead at all stages

Depending upon the relationship you have with your client we can manage the funding structure from start to finish or work closely with your involvement.

Types of Introducer Referrals

Calmez can offer a choice of bridge, mezzanine and stretch development funding from our own resources together with investment from a small group of high net worth individuals and institutional sources. This means that we can offer you strong flexibility to facilitate the funding required in the minimum possible time

For more information about us then click here or to speak to us about an intorducer referral for development funding to Calmez then please contact us here.

Alternatively, we will pleased to have an initial informal conversation on 0207 096 1900.  We look forward to hearing from you!