What is Development Stretch Funding?

Development stretch funding provides developers with a means to spread their capital across a greater number of projects without a requirement for a separate mezzanine funder. Funds are secured by a first charge on the subject site with a high loan to value ratio.

Why Use Development Stretch Funding?

High street senior lenders often restrict their lending ratio to 60% of costs (i.e. site plus build costs) whereas Calmez can provide a facility of up to £3,000,000+ at a ratio of up to 90% of costs.  Stretch funding can aid developer’s cash flow and enable more projects, or larger projects, to be taken on.

Calmez can tailor bespoke lending with a blended rate that will reduce costs whilst still providing the facility necessary to support the development.


Stretch funding from

£500,000 to £3,000,000+

Calmez Development Stretch Funding:

From £500,000 to £3,000,000+
•    Typically up to 90% of costs
•    Loans can include purchase of site
•    First charge security

Our lending Criteria:

  • Developer equity contribution of a minimum of 10% of the total property development cost or able to provide alternative security
  • Developers with a track record
  • From a single property to residential development projects of 20+ units
  • Planning permission in place
  • Planning or valuation gain may be considered as equity

Limit your risk to

10% of costs

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