CALMEZ was formed in 2006 by a small group of experienced property people and financiers to provide essential property funding to experienced residential property developers. We are a privately owned principal lender that operates in the development stretch, mezzanine funding,and short term bridge funding market.

Finding property development funding is an essential part of the early stages of any new construction project but it has not always been an easy process to start, let alone successfully complete.  In recent years many senior lenders have significantly reduced their own risk by reducing their maximum loan to value and in the process have created a funding gap that you, as a property developer, must close.

For property development businesses endeavouring to expand, finding a means to create a complete property development funding package can be a challenge. Therefore, the team at Calmez have engineered property development funding solutions that suit your business and combine to create a flexible and supporting lending platform.

Our key products include mezzanine property development funding to fill the void between the facilities offered by the large senior banks and your own cash. Or our stretch products provide property development funding for developers seeking leverage up to 90% loan to cost.

This is flexible property development funding designed to work with you!

Why work with us?

  • We pride ourselves in considering every application for property development funding seriously and seeking a means of making your opportunity work to everyone’s advantage. Our team is approachable and always ready to talk personally to you and understand you funding needs
  • Calmez supports development projects through a mix of our own resources, funding from high net worth investors and together with some institutional sources
  • Where an application meets our criteria, you will quickly receive both an initial indication of our likely terms and then subsequently written heads of terms with all costs spelt out in a transparent manner
  • Our initial informal site visit can be arranged so that we can properly understand your new development project and your financial requirements
  • You will have an easy point of contact so that communication with us is easy at all times
  • Our solicitors are used to working quickly and we will always endeavour to meet your timescale requirements
  • Finally, life experience tells us that we are always learning and that no one knows everything. Consequently, our team of property professionals will also be available to support not just your financial requirements, but also provide you with our help and resources if needed during the course of your build

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For more information about us or our funding facilities contact us on 0207 096 1900 or email us on info@calmez.co.uk.